Submission of Dues

Dues for 2020 are $360.  Due date is February 8.  Payment by US Post only.  Invoices sent January 4 to the following address on record.

Mandatory Late Fee Schedule
Your PHHA board is made up of vulunteers.  Please make our job as easy as possible and pay on time.

Late fee #1 - If postmarked between February 9 and March 9: $25
Late fee #2 - If postmarked between Mar 9 and April 12: $75
Late fee #3 - If not paid before April 12: $75 + fees & interest related to filing a lien.

Payment Instructions
1 - Make check payable to: Pheasant Hills Homeowners Association
For submissions of dues, please send checks to:
2 - Address envelope to:

Pheasant Hills HOA Treasurer
988 Coldspring Dr. 
Northville, MI  48167