Pheasant Hills

Annual Association Meeting
November 2, 2023 at 6:30 pm
Where: Northville Community Center, 303 Main St, Northville, MI - Genitti's Dinner will be served.

 - Welcome - John Patry
 - Treasurer's Report - Ron Selik
 - General Maintenance Report - Dan Wegienka
 - Social Activity Report - Laurie Selik
 - Gas Light Situation - Bill Poulos
 - Q&A
 - Adjourn

Proxies are due November 1st even if you plan on attending the meeting.  See Governing Documents for a Digital Copy.
Email them to [email protected] or mail to 988 Coldspring Dr., Northville, MI 48167.

Gas Lights or Electric?

You may have noticed that our gas lights are old, and many don't work.

The city is responsible for the maintenance of the lights and the contract with Consumers.  They have advised us that Consumers Gas is now requiring a meter for each gas feed or they will be disconnecting them.  This has been a time-consuming issue for the board as we investigate how to esthetically add meters or convert them to electric.  Come to the members meeting to know more.  

Personal Checks Stolen out of the Mailbox.
FYI - One of the Pheasant Hill members had their checks stolen from their mailbox in August.  These thieves whitewashed it and cashed it for $5,600.  The police reported that this happening all over Northville.  

Other News

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