Pheasant Hills

Pheasant Hill Annual Family Block Party!

We are excited to invite you to our annual Block Party! This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with your neighbors, make new friends, and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon together.  Bring your family, your enthusiasm, and your appetite for a fantastic community gathering. 

When: June 23, 2024, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Where:  We are closing the Pheasant Hill Section of Elmsmere Drive


  • Live Jazz Band
  • Cousin’s Maine Lobster Truck (for purchase)
  • Kona Ice
  • Bounce House
  • Games for all ages

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing in the fun and camaraderie.

Call or email Laurie Selk at 248-330-9933 / [email protected] for questions or to help us set up and clean up.

A Message from the Board

Pheasant Hills would like to welcome all new homeowners who have moved into our community this year! Our new homeowners bring enthusiasm and add vitality to our neighborhood. Please be sure to sign-up on our website ( ) with your family particulars to ensure our Directory is current and accurate. You can also access our Covenants and Bylaws via the website. We look forward to getting to know you better.

New Neighborhood Lighting Plan
You may have noticed that our gas lights are old, and many don't work.

The Board and the City are in current discussions about finalizing a lighting plan from gas lights to a new lighting plan for Pheasant Hills.  Once this is completed, homeowners will get to review and vote on it.  Look to your email for that announcement and please make sure your email is current by updating it at our website.

Please Conceal Your Garbage and Recycling Containers

We are writing to kindly remind everyone of the importance of concealing your garbage and recycling containers from public view, as outlined in Section 13 – General Conditions of our “Declaration of Easement, Covenants and Restrictions for Pheasant Hills Subdivision.”


Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of our neighborhood is a shared responsibility that benefits us all. By keeping our sanitary containers out of sight, we contribute to a cleaner, more pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy. This small effort helps preserve the beauty and charm of Pheasant Hills, fostering a sense of pride and community spirit.

We understand that it can sometimes be easy to forget, but we greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Together, we can ensure that Pheasant Hills remains a wonderful place to live.

Fall Member Meeting

Our annual members meeting is scheduled for October 24th.  Request for proxies, exact time and location will be communicated a few weeks before the meetings. 

Personal Checks Stolen out of the Mailbox.
FYI - One of the Pheasant Hill members had their checks stolen from their mailbox in August.  These thieves whitewashed it and cashed it for $5,600.  The police reported that this happening all over Northville.  
Covenants and Restrictions

Because of the many new homeowners who have moved into Pheasant Hills this year, it is imperative that everyone be aware of the Covenants & Restriction documents we have which provide direction relative to how we maintain and alter our properties. Detailed in these documents are restrictions against several actions which are deemed to have a negative impact on the neighborhood. Some of the major ones are listed below:

  • No parking of trailers or commercial vehicles in your driveway.
  • No parking of boat trailers, boats, utility trailers, recreational vehicles in your driveway.
  • No homeowner can alter or disturb the natural characteristics of any of our wetland properties. These wetland areas are protected by the wetland preservation act.

If you need a copy of the Pheasant Hills Covenants / Restrictions, they can be obtained from our website.

Architectural Review Process For Pheasant Hills

Please keep in mind that any exterior work for your home that affects the look of the home is required to go through architectural review by the Architectural Review Board. This includes the following:

  • Changing the paint color of your home.
  • Changing the roof style or color.
  • Adding a sunroom or addition.
  • Adding a gazebo or deck.
  • Adding or replacing a fence.
  • Major landscaping changes or tree clearing.
  • Addition of a swimming pool or other major alterations.

Before any building permit can be issued by the City of Northville, Pheasant Hills (Bill Poulos) must sign off on the proposal.  Please email Bill Poulos at [email protected] to have you changes reviewed by the board.

John Patry – Board President is stepping down December 31st, 2024.

As many of you know, John Patry has been a dedicated member of our board for the past six years. He has served as Treasurer for three years, our IT Specialist for two years, and most recently, as our President. His contributions as well as other board member contributions have been invaluable in keeping our neighborhood running smoothly and efficiently.  John will continue to be a part of our board to assist the new President and is open to helping in other capacities as needed. However, he will be stepping down from his role as President, and we are now seeking a volunteer to fill this important position.

Serving on the board is a rewarding way to give back to our community. The efforts of our board members save the association significant amounts of money each year and ensure that our neighborhood receives the attention and care it deserves. It's a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference and to work alongside your neighbors to keep Pheasant Hills a wonderful place to live.

We need your help to keep our board well-staffed and effectively managed. If you are interested in joining the board or would like more information, please reach out to any current board member or visit our website at

Oakland County Sheriff: Chilean gangs are back targeting high-end Homes

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard is sounding the alarm again - about the international crime ring targeting high-end homes in the area.   Please report any suspicious activities to the Northville Police.  See link below.

Sheriff: Chilean gangs are back targeting high-end homes for burglaries in Oakland County (

Other News

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